How I Work 


I work with a creative spirit, a relational stance and a genuine sense of curiosity about who you are and what you are bringing into the therapy room. I provide a safe and secure place to work though anxiety, depression , old wounds and trauma, relationship issues, creative blocks and discover the true you. 

My approach in the therapy room is a creative mix based in Jungian psychology along with relational work, mindfulness, somatic experiencing, art therapy and sandplay. What this all looks like in session is that we can explore the unconscious through a mix of dream work, discovering reoccurring symbols and themes and opening up our feelings and ideas around experiences so that reactions and behaviors that we are often confused about begin to make sense. We can't change things when we are not entirely sure why we are doing them or certain situations are happening. Beginning to know ourselves more is the starting point.

Working relationally is about using the therapeutic relationship and what happens in the therapy room to help bring about change. This happens through being in a supportive and safe relationship that allows you to begin to be more fully yourself and explore the aspects of self that can be hidden from others and even yourself. Mindfulness and somatic experiences are both about creating awareness of what is happening in our minds and bodies in the current moment which can help us to recognize different thought processes and understand our reactions to experiences. We slow things down to create more awareness.

Art therapy and sandplay are both wonderful way of bypassing the verbal again getting to the unconscious to help mine the depths of ourselves to bring about change. Art also brings play into our lives in simple and easy ways. Play helps us get past blocked areas and thought processes by allowing the mind to work more creatively. Both art and play also allow us to give order and shape to our worlds. Sandplay is creating scenes with miniatures in the sand working with our inner self and the unconscious. It is great for working with topics that are difficult to talk about and works well for those dealing with depression, anxiety and trauma.

For each individual these approaches are used in different combinations and that is where collaboration happens within therapy. You and I will work together to discover what feels most comfortable to you and brings about understanding, relief and change. Please get in touch if you are interested in knowing more.

Children and teens: 

When working with young children I use play, and art therapy and sandtray. All of these allow children a space to work our their emotions in a safe way that fits with their level of development. Play is a child's language. It is how they share their feelings and thoughts with people around them since at this point in their development they don't have the verbal vocabulary to communicate all that they are feeling. Play bypasses the verbal and allows for children to access what they are feeling and work though it in a way that feels safe and comfortable to them. Play therapy is simply that playing so it looks different from what we normally associate with therapy sitting and talking. Children play either with toys, games, art materials or in the sand. With teenagers I move more toward a mix of play, art, sandtray and talk therapy more like the way I work with adults. As I said above art and play help create order, shape and control in our worlds. We know first hand how important a sense of control is for us as adults children and teens also really need to feel some sense of control over their own lives.

I have seen great results working with play therapy and children. Even when working with at-risk-youth in some very traumatic and dire situations play allowed for them to move though their feelings and gain a sense of power in their lives. Please contact me if you would like to talk about therapy for your child or teen.

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