Creative Therapy Workshops

Art workshops fused with a bit of psychotherapy, soul searching and discovery.  
Each workshop allows participants a space to look inward, listen to feelings, create artwork, gain clarity and radiate. 
Any of the workshops can be customized for your office or group. Please contact me at or 323-646-2146 for rates and themes. 



Memorial Totems: A Workshop on Remembering

$110 includes art materials
For more information please call Naomi at 323-646-8562 or email

Grief and loss can take hold of us and leave us in a profound state of sadness. Often we are unsure what to do with our feelings around the loss of someone we love. In this workshop we will explore, process and share our feelings and memories through  journaling , partner work, writing our loved one a letter and building a memorial totem to honor their memory. We will explore and redefine loss as a shift in the relationship we have with the person, animal or things we have lost.  


Planning the Personal-Mindfulness and Art Making workshop

Last session April 2nd, 2016
ESMoA (El Segundo Museum of Art) 
Check back for upcoming dates or locations or email to be on my mailing list. 

We create goals, we plan for an imagined future, we make multiple plans for different possible futures and dream or worry about the outcomes.  In this workshop, we will ground ourselves in the present using mindfulness, explore what we want to draw into our lives currently, and create our own collaged vision of that future.  

As an artist I have often experienced the moment when an artwork is in chaos and not working out according to plan at all. I often find that these moments of chaos are what artists push though and use to their advantage often even looking looking forward to those moments happening when creating. In this workshop we will explore how to navigate the unplanned moments in life and explore the potential in these moments.