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Process and Presence

An experiential training to help professional teaching artists in all genres, classroom teachers and clinicians understand trauma and how to work with children suffering from trauma symptoms it in the classroom. Though exploration of vignettes and small group discussion of how to handle difficult situations we will develop skills to be more effective teachers and clinicians. Topics include how trauma presents itself in children, anxiety and depression symptoms in children and how to work with the resulting behaviors, classroom management strategies and managing your own feelings during difficult or crisis situations. 

Presented at The Armory Center for the Arts in April 2016. Upcoming presentations
WriteGirl in the fall of 2016. 

Art Therapy Processes and Uses

This workshop is a hands on learning experience for therapists and counselors working with kids and teens. During our time together we will define art therapy, look at the benefits of using art therapy as an intervention, which intervention works best with which age group, talk about resistance and fears around using art therapy, explore some art therapy techniques and discuss how to talk with your clients about their artwork.

Participants get to experience making an art therapy collage and sharing it as if they were a clients so they can understand the process first hand and take away some of the fear around using art as an intervention. This workshop has been highly successful in helping therapists feel more at ease using art therapy techniques and to begin exploring the potential for healing the psyche that creativity holds.

The workshop can be modified to train therapists working with adults or other specific groups.

Presented at Counseling Partners of Los Angeles Fall of 2015 and 2016