Children struggle with internal issues just as adults do. Growing up can be challenging at times. There might be struggles at school academically or socially, new siblings, a move, loss of loved ones or divorce. When children experience stress, anxiety or depression you might notice changes in their behavior or attitude. This can be our first clue that a child might be in some distress and need help.

Children communicate their feelings differently than adults one of the natural ways they do this is through play. When I do therapy with children it includes play therapy, art, and Sandplay along with talking. Children heal in a safe and containing space where they are allowed to express themselves freely.


Teens and tweens lives are full of pressure and stressors from social media, academics and getting ready for college, struggles with social pressure and simply figuring out who they are.  At this age teens and parents often struggle to understand each other and this often creates stress in the family as the teen pushes for more freedom. The same as with younger children often we will notice a shift in teens behavior such as emotional outbursts,  slipping grades, loss of interest in activities or change in eating habits that will be the clue that something is not right for the teen.